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Invision Networking offers a full array of IT, computer and network services. Invision Networking operates under the guidance and management of the dynamic leadership of Justin Johnson.

Justin discovered his own personal passion for computers at a very young age. It was this passion that drove Justin into the IT profession where he has left a significant mark due to his innovation and expertise. A graduate of California State University - Fullerton with a Bachelors Degree in Business & Information Systems, Justin cut his teeth in Information Technology through his efforts on behalf of other businesses and companies. Eventually, in 2003, Justin founded Invision Networking with the state goal of assisting businesses and individuals in solving their Information Technology needs.

Since its creation, Invision Networking has provided comprehensive services in regard to Information Technology on many fronts, including computers, networks, servers, websites, as well as phone systems.

Invision Networking and its professional team understands that IT, computer and network issues can occur at any time. As a result, Invision Networking and its professionals are available to assist you with your vital emergency needs.

When it comes to your IT, computer and network needs not only is Invision Networking there for you … we are there with you.